Are you a an online Coach who has no time or is completely terrified of anything tech? And you need a website or a refresh of an existing website and you do not want to wait...

Then Accelerated Design Days is exactly what you need:

-No more never ending back and forth emails
-No more unclear timelines
-Get your website done quickly so you can start gaining more clients and growing your business
-Have a website you are happy with that and no longer feel like it doesn’t match your business

The absolute best reason is because with the Accelerated Design Days, it is focused solely on your website and working with you for the entire day, no one else. And you website is completed within days, you don’t have to wait weeks or more!

If you have additional questions, please book a free 15 minute consultation call where we can discuss your questions and concerns.

Offering Accelerated Design Days

It's time to say goodbye to waiting weeks or more for your website to be completed!

Redesign, refresh or create a brand new website so that you can start getting leads and booking clients!

All Confetti Designs websites are designed with UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) principles, SEO best practice and mobile responsiveness

What can be completed in Accelerated Design Days?

It is important to know that each Accelerated Design Days Intensive is booking me for a day, rather than a set of deliverables. To achieve maximum results in our Accelerated Design Days Intensive, it’s important to complete all prep work and keep lines of communication open on Intensive Days. Also please note that although these are not video intensive days, it’s best that you are virtually available throughout the Accelerated Design Days Intensive for collaboration to achieve best results.

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